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Where ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ meets the 21st century.
Jurassic Perk Cafe is designed for both parents & children to enjoy, a unique environment where the moment you walk in the door you are transported back 150 million years & greeted by a Pterodactyl flying above you!

Opening Times: 09:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00 Saturday & Sunday

Can the ‘Land of Dinosaurs’ work in harmony with the 21st century? Here at Jurassic Perk Cafe, it does, an amazing dinosaur themed soft play cafe immersing you in the sights and sounds of the Jurassic Period.

Don’t Panic! You won’t need to go hunting for food. Choose from our extensive menu, including breakfast to start your day, brunch or lunch. Or simply enjoy a coffee with a slice of our temptingly naughty but oh so nice cakes. Whatever your fancy, we have something to suit your taste buds.

Here at Jurassic Perk, our mission is to provide a safe, clean environment for your children, in our new soft play area. Visually stunning, Jurassic Perk, is a one stop café providing entertainment for children and time for adults to sit and relax. Only in Jurassic Perk, will you hear the palm trees rustling, whilst one of our friendly dinosaurs pops out to say “hello”. It is Jurassic Perk after all!

And be immersed in the sounds of the Jurassic Period, roars of dinosaurs, strange birds and distant rumbles of thunder and rainfall. And you may even some Abba! Music coming from our state of the art disco floor complete with disco lights.

For children with disabilities and babies, we have our very own sensory room. This amazing room is proven to enhance the development of communication, aids in the development of social and emotional skills as well as improving levels of concentration, alertness, calmness and general awareness.

As well as popping in and enjoying a drink, food and the whole Jurassic experience. We also offer a range of party options for your children and their friends, you will find full details of all our amazing packages on our party options page.

Welcome to the amazing world of Jurassic Perk.

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