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Terms and conditions for rules of play and entry into Jurassic Perk Café.

Although we want you to have a fantastic time at Jurassic Perk Ltd, we also need to implement some rules which are there for your child’s safety, which is our priority.  Please take some time to read the terms and conditions set out below.  If you wish to discuss anything listed below, please feel free to contact us.

  1. All children must be accompanied by an adult/guardian and at no time shall a child be left unaccompanied. Jurassic Perk Ltd, accepts no liability for any accidents or injuries.
  2. Please do not allow your child on the soft play if they are unwell or have been sick in the last 24 hours. Please ensure your child has washed their hands before and after play.
  3. Please ensure your child wears socks at all times and any loose clothing, ropes, scarves etc should not be worn on the soft play.
  4. Items such as jewellery, earrings, necklaces, bangles and glasses should be removed before entering the soft play.
  5. You are not permitted to bring in and consume food/drinks that were not purchased from our café.
  6. At no time, should food/drinks be taken into the soft play. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  7. Children should behave respectfully towards other children using the soft play. Any child being aggressive, bullying or verbally abusive to other children/adults shall be asked to leave.
  8. Please do not touch the dinosaurs attached to the walls.
  9. The sensory room is for babies and for children with disabilities as well as toddlers. It is designed to help develop skills including colour, touch, hand eye coordination skills to name a few.  Please be respectful of adults/children in the sensory room, by keeping the noise at a minimum.
  10. Play is for 2 hours, after this time and at busy times, you may kindly be reminded that your 2 hours has finished. Please do not take offence, as we may at busy periods, have people waiting to come in.  At less busy times, when there is no queue, it is at the managers discression, if you are allowed to stay longer than 2 hours.
  11. Should your child injure themselves on the soft play or on the premises, please inform a member of staff immediately.
  12. If you see a spillage on the floor, please alert a member of staff immediately.
  13. We understand children can get very excited, but we ask you not to let your child run around the premises as some people may be carrying hot food or drinks to their table or your child could easily slip and injure themselves. Therefore, we do not permit running.
  14. Adults and children are prohibited from the kitchen area.
  15. CCTV is in operation for the safety of you and your children.
  16. If you are concerned about our ingredients used in our food products, please ask a member of staff. We cannot guarantee that our food is dairy free,  or has not been in cross contamination or contains nuts. We cannot be held responsible for issues resulting from food allergies
  17. Please take note of the fire exit signs and in the event of a fire, please make your way via the fire exits.
  18. Please safeguard your belongings at all times. Jurassic Perk cannot be held responsible for any loss of your personnel possessions.
  19. It is prohibited to use our wifi to download any material which may be considered illegal.

Kind regards
Jurassic Perk Ltd

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